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United Steels Ltd

We are an independent family owned business that have been servicing the steel Industry for over 40 years. Throughout this time the business has invested heavily in high specification steel processing machinery, evolving inline with the UK/European markets and pushing the boundaries of the countries processing capabilities.

Today, United Steels Ltd have an unrivalled range of processing and logistical services, including decoiling, slitting, narrow slitting, blanking, shearing, storage, hire processing and our own transport fleet of which we offer deliveries to and on behalf of our customers. In 2012, United Steels Ltd commissioned one of the UK's first of its kind heavy gauge decoiling lines with the capabilities of processing 3mm-20mm thick steel, up to 2 mtr wide coils and decoiling 10mtrs in length. In 2018, the companies investments continued by commissioning a new light gauge decoiling line with the capabilities of processing 0.4mm-4mm thick steel, up to 1.6mtr wide coils and decoiling 6mtrs max in length.

One of our key advantages is our independence. We recognise that we are in a volatile, fast moving, competitive industry and that adaptability is key for the continuity of servicing our customers.